I started writing this prophetic word sometime in 2018. I felt the Lord press me to finish the word as soon as possible, but I felt I lacked the words to accurately convey the message the Lord was giving me. So, I kept on procrastinating – writing bits, then leaving it again. I have recently been asking the Lord to allow me to stand in His counsels to see what is coming.

This morning (7 April 2020), in my time with the Lord, I asked Him again. I heard: “Finish what I gave you and I will give you more.” I repented and looked for the document I was writing on the prophetic word the Lord had already given me. I checked the date that I had last worked on the document: it was 24 January 2019! Sorry, Lord, for my disobedience!

May You strengthen Your body through these words, Lord.

(Note: all scriptures are taken from the New King James Version)

As I was praying, I kept on repeating Psalm 24 verse 1: “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein”. As I was repeating this verse, the sense of what the Lord wanted to communicate through it got stronger: The Lord God has full authority over the earth and its inhabitants. He can do whatever He wants.

Then I received the impression that Jesus could overturn the tables in the temple because it was His Father’s house. You can’t overturn tables in another person’s house. You can’t do stuff like that on another person’s property. But you certainly can if it’s your fathers’ house and you are under your father’s directives.

I then had the sense that the events in the book of Revelation are like the overturning of the tables: it is God “shaking things up”.

I was then taken to Psalm 2 as an explanation of what is about to take place. Please take the time (now) to read the whole Psalm 2. If you don’t, you won’t understand this prophetic warning and you will miss the nuances of depth in this passage.

First, Psalm 2 starts (verses 1–3) with the people, the kings, and the rulers of the earth wanting to rebel against God and against His Anointed (Jesus Christ). In essence, they don’t want to be under God’s rule; they want to do their own thing, for themselves.

Second, in verses 4–6, God laughs at their foolishness and speaks to them in His wrath, saying, in essence: I have already set up a King to rule over you, and you WILL submit to Him!

Third, in verses 7–9, God says that He has promised His Son the nations as His inheritance and the ends of the earth as His possession, and if they don’t submit to Him, they will be judged.

Fourth, in the last verses (10–12), God issues the prophetic warning. Anyone that doesn’t want to submit to His Son will perish in the way.

In summary, God is warning the people of the earth. The time is drawing near for the shaking to get more intense, and the people of the earth should heed His warning. The rulers of the earth co-opted lordship over the earth, and they sought to supplant God’s rule.

He is warning us: Behave yourself in My house or suffer the consequences. The earth is His inheritance and He will not tolerate the anti-Christ system.

They will say in their heart: “We will do what we want, we will set up our own rule.” He says: “Repent, you won’t be able to do what you want, you will be judged.”

Society at large doesn’t want to submit to God’s kingdom rule; they want to push God out and do according to their own hearts’ desires.

The coming anti-Christ system will offer the people of the earth a “safe environment”, controlled by the government, wherein they can practice their immorality.

A society that is, on the one hand, controlled to make sure they keep out the Anointed Heir and His righteous claim on the people of the earth (to serve Him). On the other hand, a society that is free from the good, perfect, moral rule of the King of kings. They want to rather be served.

The kings of the earth will do everything in their power to maintain their rule, but He who sits in the heavens shall laugh at them! How dare they think they are able to fight the Hand of Almighty God?

We know how this is going to end: Daniel’s vision of the statue and the rock breaking the world system to pieces. Their idol, their kingdom, their system, will perish!

The King of kings will be served; every knee will bow and every tongue confess this Jesus as Lord!

The battle is now raging; the nations are raging to secure their power. But there is a holy remnant rising up to proclaim the coming of the King of kings, who will take all rulership for Himself and His remnant church – His bride.

This remnant will not love their lives unto death. They will be persecuted and some will be killed in the world’s attempt to suppress this holy insurgence. Be encouraged saints, we are now launching a holy takeover –not a takeover of power (the King will do that when He comes), but the takeover of souls for the Kings possession: the nations.

God is the ultimate limiter and liberator. “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matt. 10:28. Those who stubbornly refuse to submit to His loving rule will be limited forever. Those who submit to “the kingdom of the Son of His love” (Col. 1:13) will forever be liberated in glory and love.

God wants all to experience a society of love, but He is also the righteous Judge that will limit the influence of those who will corrupt such a society by their selfish hearts. Your heart needs to be fully yielded to the King so that He can give you His pure desires.

Do not fear death. Do not deny your Lord! Don’t hold onto your life and wealth at the cost of your soul. “To be absent from the body” is “to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor. 5:8).

“…be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear”! You will only have an inheritance in the coming Kingdom to the measure that you will submit to the King of kings.

Sheep and goats will be revealed. It takes more for some people to reach breaking point than for others. God breaks us so that we will submit and be useful to Him. Pray that people come to their senses. This coming great shaking is designed to break the hardest of hearts and give everyone an opportunity for repentance. What you should pray for your loved ones now, in this time, is: “Lord, I pray that they will come to their senses. Lord, create opportunities for them to come to their senses.”

The King WILL secure His possession! “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near” (Luk. 21:28).

The holy takeover has started. We will meet resistance, and some of us will pay with our lives. Look up! Our King is coming to destroy every last enemy! We will soon rule with Him if we are faithful through this persecution!

Our King is coming! Maranatha: Come, our LORD!